Innovation in Firearm Technology:

The Rare Breed


The Rare Breed FRT Trigger is a DROP IN TRIGGER that can be purchased from us at wholesale prices online. 1/4″ Wide Hammer, Rare Breed Trigger For Sale, and Locking Bar. 7075-T6 Aluminum Housing. Precision Wire EDM Cut. Black Nitrite QPQ Finish. Includes Anti Walk Pins. Standard shipments arrive at your doorstep unopened and also direct from our warehouse. Its corners are hand-cut and will undergo additional work to ensure that it has superior spring rapid fire reliability.

In addition to the Modified version, our Super Modified will feature upgraded stainless steel high pressure springs. This is in comparison to the Modified version. Specifically cut and installed for both single-action pull and rapid fire. Learning how to master this takes some time.

Last but not least, our SUPER LITE WEIGHT X Version is a highly modified lightweight version that is the same as the Super Modified version, but it also has a custom lightweight hollowed hammer and a custom hollowed trip sear, in addition to having ALL 3 SPRINGS REPLACED WITH PERFORMANCE STAINLESS STEEL.

The FRT-15


The Rare Breed Trigger Court Update

In a landmark ruling, the rare breed trigger have won their court case, granting them permission to sell their triggers through encrypted payment options. 

This means that the triggers can now only be acquired off records via secure and encrypted payment methods, Checkout the link below for more.

Kevin Maxwell

Special Discount of 9%

on our rare breed triggers